The Last Drop From His Stetson 500 Piece Puzzle Artwork by Famous Cowboy Artist Alonzo (Lon) Megargee III This Artwork Was A Famous Ad For Stetson Hats from 1924

Bio Written by Cindy Winkelman – Alonzo (Lon) Megargee III was born in 1883 to a wealthy family in Philadelphia. He was a descendent of an adventurer named Patrick Megargee, who emigrated from Belfast in the 1700's. Lon's father was a sophisticate of a Scottish and English family, inheritors of a land grant from William Penn. Throughout Lon's life, he regularly took time out to just sit and sketch different aspects of his life and images that came to his mind. One set of sketches that recorded a trip to Mexico he had taken caught the attention of a poet named Roy George. Roy found the sketches so moving that he published a book with Lon entitled A Cowboy Builds a Loop (1933). Roy George insisted that Lon "author" the book, even though he himself wrote the poetry and prose. In Roy�s mind, Lon's art really told the story. As one art critic noted, "he no longer confined himself to the simple rendition of scenes, but relentlessly explored new means of expression. Lon's art was honest and earthy. Sincerity was the keynote of his work; simplicity and peerless style his goal. Understanding sympathy was his greatest asset; he had an honest imagination and a spirited heart. His art was a record of his life and his loves. He sketched and painted his own view of things around him, with honest and faithful interpretation, telling a simple story the way he saw it. Critics found Lon's versatility difficult to classify. He was not an impressionist. He painted recognizable scenes of peaks and plains, and then gave them lavishing color that seemed so real; critics would wonder how brush and paint could create such an illusion. His diverse subject matter had three common denominators: an unerring gift for color, vigor of design and the imaginative vitality of the artist. Lon died in January of 1960 at the age of 77