Kids Unisex Magician Halloween Costume Wizard Astrologer Dress Up & Role Play (6-8 years, blue, silver)

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Halloween is the time for magic and your kid can be a wizard all day and night! When he or she puts on this great outfit he / she will automatically feel like a mature and seasoned magic practitioner. Because only the wisest and most capable denizens of the masters of magic community wear such grand outfits. The moon and a star clearly mark your child as a distinguished wizard, not an ordinary one. The magicians are people underneath all that wizardry and he / she ought to look the part, if he / she wants to be taken seriously. The wizard costume includes a long blue velvet robe and a matching conical wizard's hat. Both items are decorated with silvery moon and star prints. Robe has solid front inset edged with silver, to give look of robe over tunic and a blue braided rope belt. A rounded neckline of the outfit is embellished with silver trim. The cuffs of the sleeves are flared and trimmed with a wide mesh sheer band which features small silvery paillettes. So, let your kid just don this robe, put on the hat and go out to do the mighty and terrible magic. Add to this amazing costume a pair of comfortable shoes, a magic wand or a staff and a fake white long beard or a wig. Move over, Gandalf, you rival is already here!