Genuine Bolo 5.0 Millimeter Braided Leather Cord, Dark Brown/Natural, 10 Meters

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Our hand braided Bolo leather cord – also known as braided Bola leather cord – is made of genuine leather, superbly finished and ideal for many applications. Its elegance makes it popular for countless fashion uses, while its strength makes it useful for outdoor needs. Commonly used to make Western Bolo ties, leather Bolo cord has many fashion uses. The use of braided bolo leather cord in garments creates an image that is stylish and suitable for every occasion. It's also a nice choice for making thongs for sunglasses and perfect for purse and bag handles, and as edging, rope, etc. This cording is equally ideal for your leathercraft and handiwork. Set off your works with the distinct classic touch of genuine leather. Create professional quality necklaces, belts, ties, accents, bracelets, braids, anklets, and so much more, this lace is great for your Crafting and DIY Jewelry Making requirements, a joy to use for Hand Sewing, Leatherwork, Jewelry Making and Crafts. These bolo cords are cut from the prime center area of high quality leather sheets for maximum durability and longevity, and our award-winning modern production methods help assure smoothness and regularity. All such cords have a degree of variance, ours are more consistent in dimension throughout the length. All our cords are biodegradable, nontoxic, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified lead-free, PCP-free, Azo-free, made in environmentally friendly conditions using sustainable "Green" production methods good for the earth and all with which we share it. You can enjoy this leather cord and feel good about your purchase.